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Effective date: Jan 28, 2021

Delivery & Returns:

What are your delivery terms?

We currently offer a standard shipping service of 2-3 days for £5.

United Kingdom addresses only. If you're unsure please email hola@loah.beer to confirm whether we can deliver.

As we grow, our delivery capabilities will improve!

Where is my order?

You should have been sent a tracking number directly from the courier.

If not, please email hola@loah.beer and we will find out.

What do you mean by money back guarantee?

We’re pretty confident you’re going to love Loah.

But if for some reason it hasn’t matched your expectations, we’ll accept a return and refund you your money.

This deal only works if you’ve consumed just one of the cans – you can't go drinking them all and then claim you didn’t enjoy it!

Simply get in touch at hola@loah.beer with a picture of all the items. If everything looks right, we will then ask for you to cover the cost of sending the beer back via a courier and refund you the value of the beer in full (all 12 cans).

We will not accept anything that has been deliberately damaged or tampered with.

Beer comes under the category of perishable goods, so there must also be ample time left on the sell-by date for us to re-use it in charitable activity.

We reserve the right to refuse any return that doesn’t look right.

What if my parcel is damaged?

Our cases are put inside another cardboard box to ensure their safety in transit. But if you find your case of beer is damaged then please get in touch at hola@loah.beer with pictures and we can work out how to replace it. Please do not drink any of the beers until you have a response from us.


What is Loah Beer?

At Loah we brew high quality 0.5% lager, then we add a squeeze of natural lime flavouring. It’s crisp, clean and seriously refreshing.

How is it made?

Loah is brewed naturally, which essentially means we brew it like a beer. It’s brewed specifically to reach 0.5%, and we have chosen our ingredients to achieve this whilst maintaining flavour. There’s nothing weird done to the beer, no stripping alcohol out or watering down, which means there’s maximum flavour.

Why is it 0.5%?

We brew to 0.5% for maximum flavour. It means our beer is a real beer with yeast and hops.

There’s no need to water it down and no need to remove any alcohol.

0.5% is essentially the same alcoholic volume as a ripe banana, and is less than contained in some types of bread.

Can I get drunk off Loah?

No. You would have to drink extreme volumes that would in themselves make you seriously unwell.

Are there any allergens in Loah?


Loah contains oats, wheat, barley, hops, water, yeast and natural lime flavouring. The official allergens within those are wheat, barley and gluten.

Our gluten count is under 10ppm, which is very low. Low enough to be classed as gluten-free.

Are your beers sweet?

Not at all. It’s not like shandy, it’s more like Mexican lager with lime.

Getting involved:

Can I sell Loah?

We’re always open to new partners. Email trade@loah.beer.

Can I write about Loah?

We’d love for you to write about us. We can provide lots more information if you drop us a line at press@loah.beer.