Loah beer creating a sunshine mindset

The sunshine state of mind has always been a key part of what Loah's all about. We want our drinkers to be happy, fulfilled and full of creativity and energy.

Maybe a little idealistic to think that a can of beer, however delicious, can bring all that to the table. But, hey, we've always been idealists.

To bring some more realism about how you can cultivate the sunshine state of mind we've been talking to the wonderful Amy Wilson-Wyles. Amy is the founder of Destino, the worlds finest beauty and grooming guide, and we strongly recommend you add it to your weekly reading schedule.

Amy takes us through the different methods of how to develop a sunny outlook and gives us the lowdown on the best places in the UK to help you maintain it [other than ordering copious amounts of Loah - Ed.]

Recharge with Loah



Sometimes, you need to take the time to treat yourself to the spa. It's the perfect method of getting away from the day-to-day, indulging in some time to yourself, and fully recharging your batteries.

My recommendation is Sopwell House's Cottonmill Spa in St. Alban's. It’s great whether you want to go for a day trip or fancy staying a bit longer. They’ve just spent £14 million building a beautiful extension.

One of my favourite things about it is its unbeatable saunas. Unlike your classic sauna, which is a little closed-in and uninspired, these have this incredible spaciousness with panoramic views over the lush Hertfordshire countryside.

They also have incredible treatments – from hair and nail sessions to massages. I had a woman called Shizhen do my massage and it was amazing. She used some uncommon blend of Thai and more traditional relaxation techniques. Unusual but super invigorating!

There’s so much more to the place but, what also really stands out, is their new accommodation. The Club at Cottonmill rooms are separate little cottages set away from the main house and arranged around a hydrotherapy pool. They are just lovely.



Nothing beats an extremely high-quality facial to help rejuvenate your skin and lift your spirits.

For this I’d go to a place called Waterhouse Young just off Harley St. It’s run by a small team started by Norman Waterhouse – the famous plastic surgeon and father of Suki.

They don't do surgery but focus on aesthetics, plus offer an excellent array of more holistic treatments and facials.

One procedure I have done quite often when I go are hydrafacials. I’ve tried out a few and this is definitely one of my favourite places to get them done. It’s quite a high-tech procedure, unfortunately not quite as relaxing as cucumbers over the eyes, where, using a machine and a pen, they deep clean your skin and then push in different serums.

It’s a complete overhaul of the skin on your face and you see great results! In fact, I’m always so happy with what they do – they take a very soft approach so you never leave looking over-done.

It’s not all that surprising considering both the doctors there, Dr. Paris Acharya and Dr. Holly Cole-Hawkins, are maxillofacial surgeons; their knowledge of your face is second to none!

Rejuvenate with Loah
Unwind with Loah



When it comes to unwinding, for me, it’s the physical stuff that works.

I’m not a natural meditator, it just doesn’t really quiet my mind. With a massage, though, any stress I have just melts away. They also really help my sleep.

The place I’d recommend is just around the corner from me and is one of the best spots in London.

It’s called Jivita Ayurveda and is run by this amazing woman called Anu. You can get the most incredible, two-hour sessions.

They place less emphasis on luxurious rooms, like Sopwell House, and focus more on the massage itself. Loads of people from the wellness world go and I head there to completely turn myself off.

I’ve also got loads of great places for Pilates. My favourite is down near Battersea, Loft Pilates, Form in Notting Hill and Ten Pilates.

Something new I’m trying next week actually is called StretchLab, where they, in effect, just really stretch you out! It’s meant to do wonders for your posture and sleep.



As well as the relaxing elements, you need to find a place where you can really workout to develop a good mindset.

In terms of workouts, I’ve been doing these new ones at Surge where you get electrocuted while exercising. You wear these heavy-duty vests and they attach electrodes to all your key muscle groups. You then do a 20-minute workout, once a week, while they dial up the voltage.

There’s a stat, I think, that in a normal workout your muscles only use about 60% of their potential – with electricity that can go as high as 90%. When I was doing my triceps, I felt as though I’d probably never worked out those muscles before in my life! It’s wonderful for really getting the most out of your body and perfect for those recovering from surgery or childbirth as well.

For a sunshine state of mind it’s really uplifting – in a weird, electrical kind of way!

Other than Surge, I’d recommend Barry’s. They started in Hollywood and worked their way over to London about 8 years ago. It’s essentially treadmill and floor work. David Beckham and my husband Chris, who played professional rugby, are both big fans. They have these ‘Red Rooms’, which are fairly dark with loud music, which really help you get in the zone. In terms of an endorphin high I’d say that’s one of the best in London – it really makes you burn everything off.

Purge with Loah
Escape with Loah



Particularly if you're living in the city, it's essential to get out into nature as regularly as you can.

For me, it's about being by the water. I find watching the ocean incredibly relaxing and love the awareness of nature and weather it tunes you into.

My mum has a place in Whitstable which is right on the sea. That would definitely be my most personal recommendation to escape to. Whitstable, not my mums house.

But, there’s also so many great places inside London. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to parks and walks. I love Dukes Meadows in Chiswick and how you can walk all along the river there, Hyde Park great when you can find a quiet spot, and Richmond Park – I love the view from the top of Richmond Hill where you can see the whole of London’s skyline.

Oh, and Primrose Hill! I think as a head clearer it’s pretty unbeatable – particularly if you run to the top and take in the view as a reward. In winter, if you’re after blowing off some cobwebs, it’s great up there. I think in those light deprived months it’s one of those places where you can get that openness and, if it’s at all sunny, a hit of Vitamin D.

Reporting by Will Bruce